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IMG_9952Kindergarteners are working together to create Line Sculptures! As inspiration, I showed students a Power Point of sculptures* that have lines and we discussed the various colors and materials the sculptures are made out of. Students worked in pairs to create their sculptures. They began by cutting tabs into a cardboard tube and attaching it to a cardboard base with tape. Then created lines by twisting, bending, folding, and curling paper and wire and attaching it with tape. I planned two days for this project, but the students are so excited about it that I’m giving them an extra day to work on it. 

*I found a great list of contemporary sculptors that use lines on this blog.


IMG_9881Eighth graders are starting a new project this week. To stretch their radial symmetry muscles, students created temporary mixed-media mandalas in small groups.

IMG_9778On the first day of their line unit, I taught kindergarteners some different types of lines. Then they used this printout to create pieces of a line puzzle. As students finished, I had them bring their pieces to the rug and start to assemble it into a temporary collaborative line puzzle. When I did this the second time, I trimmed the printout so students just had the square with four boxes on it. This made it easier to understand how to cut out the individual boxes.



On the second day of art, I asked my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade classes to write down something they already knew about art (in a speech bubble) and something they wanted to know/learn about art (in a thought bubble). I cut out their answers and taped them to a large piece of paper on the wall outside of the art room. It’s an interesting way to see what they remember and what they’re interested in learning about.