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Kindergarteners started the year with a few collage assignments…

1. Black & White Composition: I explained that a collage is a picture made out of paper and students looked at black and white abstract paintings by Franz Klein and Cecil Touchon. Then students learned how to rip paper into different sizes, compose their picture and glue down their shapes.

2. Primary Colors: We reviewed how to make a collage by ripping paper, composing an image, and gluing pieces together. We watched the video Three Primary Colors, by OK Go, and I showed students a few artworks that used only primary colors. Then students created their own pictures using primary colors. They got to choose if they wanted to work realistically or abstract.

3. Secondary Colors: On day three, we followed the same routine as day one and two. After watching Three Primary Colors again and  looking at artworks made with secondary colors, students created their own collage using secondary colors.




IMG_9769 Kindergarteners drew self-portraits and then created fancy frames for them. As inspiration, I read The Way I Feel, by Janan Cain and students discussed the different emotions illustrated in the book. After explaining basic facial proportions, students used mirrors to create two observational self-portraits—each showing a different emotion. Next, students colored in one of their drawings using markers, crayons and colored pencils.

Then, students created a patterned frame by cutting and gluing primary colored shapes to a secondary color boarder.