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IMG_9769 Kindergarteners drew self-portraits and then created fancy frames for them. As inspiration, I read The Way I Feel, by Janan Cain and students discussed the different emotions illustrated in the book. After explaining basic facial proportions, students used mirrors to create two observational self-portraits—each showing a different emotion. Next, students colored in one of their drawings using markers, crayons and colored pencils.

Then, students created a patterned frame by cutting and gluing primary colored shapes to a secondary color boarder.


For their first collage projects, 2nd and 3rd graders focused on choosing colors, cutting shapes, and using glue sticks. I started both lessons by defining complementary colors. After they could identify the 3 pairs of complementary colors, I showed them how to cut and arrange their shapes. The second graders were challenged to draw and cut seven different shapes (to match their age) from a 2.25″x3″ piece of paper and then flip and glue them onto a 4.5″x6″ piece of paper. The third graders were challenged to fold and cut positive and negative shapes and then arrange and glue them onto a 4.5″x9″ piece of paper to create a balanced design.