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This year my Kindergarten & 1st grade students are using sketchbooks (last year I only did them with Ks). Kindergarteners have yellow sketchbooks and 1st graders have red ones. I have tried making and using sketchbooks in various ways¬†over the years, and I think I’ve discovered the perfect book!

It is SO easy to make these and they work great. I have a student teacher this year and she helped me make all 200 (!) books. Thanks, Ms. G! I’ve found that making the books ahead of time ends up working better than having them bind them themselves. That way they can spend more time using them. ūüôā

This year, I will also be giving students a few sketchbook assignments. I want them to learn that artists use sketchbooks in a variety of ways–to plan, to practice, to observe, to take notes, etc. Other times, students will be able to choose what to draw in their books.

Last year some students made 2-3 drawings and some students filled up their entire books. This year, my goal is that more students use their sketchbooks more often.


  1. Cut covers. (1 piece of colored construction paper 6″x18″)
  2. Cut pages¬†(5 pieces of 6″x18″ white drawing paper)
  3. Fold cover and pages in half.
  4. Staple.
  5. Bind with a piece of duct tape.
  6. Add a label with each student’s name and class.
  7. Label student’s table (put a circle around homeroom) with matching color. This also¬†reminds students what table they sit at and helps them find their books more independently later on.

*Update: I just bought this stapler for another book project. It is so easy to use and am going to use it for making sketchbooks next year (or for those students who fill up their books this year and need a second one!)